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Brew is a ground-up venture. We want to have broad-based input and involvement in this project. We welcome your ideas, your talents and your time. Please feel free to reach out to any of us.

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We are always on the look out for people willing to lend a hand. Help on the tech side is particularly welcome, although we can find a way for anybody who is motivated to be involved. Contact Debbie, our volunteer coordinator, at Debbie@BrewMuseum.com.


Have a fascinating collection of beer memorabilia that you want to make sure the world gets to see? Contact Rachel, our Archivist, at Rachel@BrewMuseum.com.

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The Brew: Museum of Beer online store will be opening soon. It will be the place for Brew apparel and memorabilia, along with other unique beer items.

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Please, spread the word to your beer drinking and beer brewing buddies and let’s make sure we put this museum on the map.

For general inquiries:  info@BrewMuseum.com

Debbie Stueber
Director of Community Relations and Volunteers

Denis Meinert

Joe McAllister

Rachel Rampa

Matt Sherwin


  1. Rocco Ieraci

    Hello everyone! My name is Rocco, and I recently purchased a house in the Central Northside and absolutely LOVE craft beer. I would love to volunteer to help you all with anything you need. Unfortunately, I currently work a full time job, and am hoping to start writing for a beer magazine, so my time is sort of limited, but I am eager to see your project through and hope to help in whatever limited capacity I can. My only discernible skills right now are my writing ability and my drinking abilities, and I am happy to lend them both to you all!

    Please let me know if there will be need/opportunity to help, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • Joe

      Thanks, Rocco, and welcome to the neighborhood! We will be happy to put you to work. Contact Debbie, our volunteer coordinator, at Debbie@BrewMuseum.com and she will get you going.


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