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When will it open?

We will open in stages. Our online store will open in early 2017. We will be holding a number of events going forward and we will soon launch our own beer. We expect the restaurant/brewpub to open in early 2018 and at least part of the exhibit space to open before the end of 2018. Keep checking back for more details and get your name on our email list for important notifications.


I like beer, but why a beer museum?

Beer is pretty amazing stuff and there are fascinating stories about beer spanning the whole history of civilization: Why There Needs To Be a Beer Museum.



“Beer has been high class and low brow, sacred and profane, rustic sustenance and rare treat.”

–William Bostwick, 2014

Where is it going to be?

We will open in stages. Our online store will open in early 2017. We will be holding a number of events going forward and we will soon launch our own beer. We expect the restaurant/brewpub to open in early 2018 and at least part of the exhibit space to open before the end of 2018. Keep checking back for more details and get your name on our email list for important notifications.



Will there be beer?

Are you kidding? Of course! We plan on having dozens of taps, in addition to the brewing our own beer. Beers on offer will include historical and hard-to-find options, as well as a significant number of local brews for out of towners to sample.




How did you come up with the idea?

It came from my (Joe’s) travels to Ireland and visiting the Guinness Storehouse museum. I was impressed by that operation and how they told their story. So back in the States, I looked to see what was on offer here. We have company tour and beer memorabilia collections, but I was surprised to find there was no large-scale comprehensive museum dedicated to the 10,000-year-old-history of beer.


When did the idea begin to gain traction?

Things got rolling soon after meeting with the CEO of VisitPittsburgh, who suggested Brew: The Museum of Beer could serve as a “first day destination attraction” that could substantially increase tourism in the City.


“My people must drink beer.”

–Frederick the Great

Who will do the brewing?

We want to retain our independence, so we wouldn’t want to be aligned to closely with any one brewery. As a national destination, we expect to recruit a medal-winning brewer who can also serve as a resource and educator, as well as being an excellent brewer.. We might look to have an internship program, along with frequent programming for other brewers or the public involving our Master Brewer. We also would like to have guest brewers and collaborative brews on a periodic basis.


Is this just going to be a bar with stuff in it?

Brew: The Museum of Beer will be much more than that. With 20,000 square feet of exhibit space designed by experts in the field of major entertainment destinations, Brew will be a very special place. See What Make Brew unique?


“History flows forward on rivers of beer.”


Will there be a place for events and educational programs?

Absolutely. The preliminary designs include a space for 300 to 400 people. Brew: The Museum of Beer will host a variety of events, some relating to beer, such as “meet the brewer” nights, beer tastings, festivals, and guests speakers. We would also hope to host industry meetings, conferences and fund raisers. More generally, the event space in Brew will also host banquets, balls, meetings, reunions, weddings and maybe even wakes. Personally, I hope to have my wake at Brew, though I don’t want to be one of the first.


How much will Brew: The Museum of Beer cost and where will the money come from?

Total implementation costs are estimated to be about $25 million. Funds will be raised in stages. The first stage was funds contributed by the founders; the second stage was the crowd funding. Going forward, funds will be raised through a combination of private equity, financing and public support.


Why should people outside Pittsburgh care about this?

First, we think that everyone who appreciates beer should support this. Brew will be a comprehensive museum, telling the entire, 10,000-year-old story of beer. Its purview will not be limited to any one region or brewery. In addition, there will be opportunities to combine a visit to Brew: The Museum of Beer with tours of the many great local breweries in the region (see our map of W. PA Breweries). We also think that people who don’t know much about Pittsburgh will find it a great place to visit (see


Why Pittsburgh?

There are so many reasons that make Pittsburgh a good choice at this point in time that we need more space to answer this question. See our detailed response at



How did you get into beer?

You could describe me (Joe) as a failed home brewer. When I was a poor graduate student in the late 1970’s, I couldn’t afford the kind of beers that I like to drink at that time, which were mostly imports. So I tried home brewing soon after it became legal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at it, but I learned enough to admire those that were. I watched as some of them who had shared what they made in their basements and garages with grateful friends and neighbors were encouraged by those initial consumers to “sell the stuff.” Some of those early brewers then opened the initial microbreweries, which eventually lead to the 5000+ breweries we have today.



“Beer is the world’s most popular alcoholic drink, and yet it is often taken for granted. It can have as many nuances of color, aroma, and taste as a fine wine, and it is a drink of wonderful, life-enhancing complexity. The better you understand beer, the more you will enjoy it” 

–Michael Jackson

What is your favorite beer?

Matt:       Creamy British pub ales and  stouts

Debbie:  IPAs

Denis:    Porters and stouts

Joe:       The one that is in front of me


Do you have a favorite local beer?

Are you kidding? Are you trying to get us in big trouble? The truth is we have many great breweries in the area. It is fantastic being able to check them all out and sample their offering. Check out our interactive beer map of all breweries, existing and under development, in Western PA


Don't go there!

What can I do to help?

We would like everyone to be involved in Brew: The Museum of Beer in some capacity. This might range from patronizing our events, to picking up Brew merchandise from our website, to volunteering. We can use your assistance in many different roles, whether that be in data entering, writing pieces for the website, working at our functions or helping on the technology side of things. Contact Debbie, our volunteer coordinator at


“Why we are here: To tremble at the terrible beauty of the stars, to shed a tear at the perfection of Beethoven’s symphonies, and to crack a cold one now and then.”

 -David Letterman


  1. Mike Mamich

    Are you looking for beer items such as lights, signs and tap handles? I have a wide variety.

    • Joe

      Mike, you may want to contact our archivist at Thanks for reaching out.

  2. Amanda

    This Museum sounds amazing! To piggy back on Joanna’s question above, does the Brew museum have plans to accept tax deductible donations?

    • Joe

      We are working on that, Amanda. Please contact our Archivist, Rachel Rampa, at if you have specific questions.

    • Joe

      Brew is to be a for profit Museum, modeled in that respect after the Spy Museum. We are looking into the possibility of the collection being held by a not for profit, which would enable donations of artifacts to be tax deductible. Contact our archivist if you would like to discuss donating an item or collection. Thanks

    • Joe

      Yes we do. Contact us if you have items your are considering donating

  3. Joanna Hohman

    I found out about this because someone had a table downtown during light-up night. I picked up a flier which had a link to the website where you can make a donation:

    However, I don’t see any link to this website from the website.
    Maybe there is a link, but I missed it. I’m just mentioning this because you may be missing out on contributions.

    • Joe

      Thanks, Joanna. The Indiegogo campaign has ended. We will be opening our online store in a couple of weeks, where you and still pick up Brew merch to support the cause. Folks can also still participate by adding their name to our virtual wall on the website.

  4. Karleen

    This is a GREAT idea! I can’t wait to go…


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