February 1 is the feast day of St. Brigid, the Irish Patron saint of beer. Ordained a priest by St. Patrick, she became a de facto bishop of Ireland, and she was a big fan of beer. St Brigid is credited with writing:

I would like a great lake of beer for the King of Kings.
I would like to be watching Heaven’s family drinking it through all eternity.

She was working in a leper colony when the beer ran out.  When “the lepers she nursed implored her for beer, and there was none to be had, she changed the water, which was used for the bath, into an excellent beer, by the sheer strength of her blessing…” That may not be entirely consistent with the subsequent German Beer Purity Law, but a noble act, nonetheless.

Raise a glass today to a powerful, giving, beer-loving woman, St. Brigid.

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