Click on the image above to open the interactive map of all breweries in Western Pennsylvania

Seems like a new brewery is opening every couple of days in this area. Check back regularly to see new additions and changes in status.

And if you know of any additions or changes, please let us know.


  1. Rick Morgan

    Under Development

    Rogan Brewing
    214 West 8th Avenue
    West Homestead, PA 15120

    • Joe

      Thanks, Rogan Brewing. We’ve got you up now.

  2. Lisa P.

    Time to add 11th Hour, which opened this past week in Lawrenceville : )

    • Joe

      You are in there, 11th! (as “Eleventh”)

  3. Wesley Oakley

    Thank you for this map. I do see a brewery to add. Nimble Hill in Tunkhannock, PA.

    • Joe

      thanks Nimble, we will make the change


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