What Makes

Brew: The Museum of Beer


Brew is more than just a collection of bottles or cans. Sure, we’ll have interesting items and collections but we are more broadly about the fascinating, 10,000-year-old Story of Beer 

not just this...

or this

Brew is independent and comprehensive–not tied to any one brewery, region or country.

not this...

or this

Brew will explore and present beer throughout time and across the world.

Brew will be a different kind of museum.

Not a dull, musty boring old museum, but a compelling place where you can:

see, hear, feel, smell and

taste the topic.

not like this...

...but like this!

Brew aims to be comparable to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in scope and attendance.

  • Hundreds of thousands visitors per year; a must-see, bucket list item for those who are serious about beer
  • 50,000 square foot facility designed by a major architectural firm
  • Involvement of nationally recognized experts in all facets of the project

Brew will be a 21st century museum

with visitors who will demand technologically enhanced experiences.

Brew: The Museum of Beer

will be a unique experience:

A comprehensive, expansive, interactive museum,

like no other in existence or under development.

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